Apr 19

Here’s the latest video blog from my last fight. Enjoy! @robhaydak @sheetz @intimidationmma @amafightclub @no1joes

Mar 22

Next Fight!

I will be fighting April 12 in Valley Forge, PA for Cage Fury FC against RJ Goodridge. A big thanks to Cage Fury and @amafightclub for setting it up. Can’t wait to get back in the cage!

Mar 21

I recently did a meet and greet at Sharky’s in Boonton, NJ for UFC 158. Thanks for the great turnout, and a big thanks to Sharky’s for having me!

Mar 16

UFC 158 Predictions

Now for some @ufc predictions, and why (going w/ the three biggest fights, don’t know enough about the other guys on the main card): Marquardt over Ellenberger - I think Marquardt will be too big and strong over the course of the fight. Ellenberger has trouble w/ cardio. Slight chance Marquardt’s short tunaround will play a role, but I’m going w/ “The Great”. The next one is tough, and up until writing this, I was going w/ Condit, but I just realized Hendrick’s is too powerful for Condit. Condit could pull of a sub, but Hendrick’s has awareness (from a life of wrestling, and now fighting), and will avoid such attempts. Look for Hendrick’s to be GSP’s next challenge. And now for the finale, GSP all the way. Nick will bruise up GSP’s face w/ his pitter patter, but GSP will do what he does, take the fight to the mat, and dominate on top. I don’t necessarily see a finish on his part, but a dominating performance. Again, GSP will be too powerful. 

These welterweights are frickin’ powerful, good thing I’m a lightweight now!

Mar 02

Come peek inside my latest S&C session at Affinity Fitness. Getting it done!

Feb 25

Come take a look at some recent boxing training. 90 minutes of getting better, condensed of course for you to take a look, enjoy!

Feb 22

Training hard! Here’s a recent session I did at @nextleveltrainr here in NJ. Check it out!

Feb 06

Here’s a quick vid of our recent trip to Muscle Maker Grill in Parsippany, NJ. Great food, healthy too!

Jan 30

Let’s Get to Work!

Back to the grind, though a much less physical grind. These next few weeks will be a lot of technique/ drilling, along w/ a few live days per week. I’ve got to stay in good enough shape that I’m ready on short notice, but not too good that I get burnt out. I won’t let my weight get much over 172. Some guys blow up after fights, but my attitude has always been that this is my job, and I’ll treat each day as such.

Hoping to know what’s next in the near future. Till then, I’ll be getting better!

Jan 27

Check out our adventure at #TheFrozenSnot race. Crazy intense. Enjoy the video…and my frozen snot! @bosssnot